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International Candle
International Candle

International Candle

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- Customize with your locations!
- Poured in small batches in Los Angeles, CA
- 9 oz clear glass jar w/ gold lid (2.9" W x 3.6" H)
- 7% fragrance load
- Non-Toxic + phthalate free + gluten free
- Vegan + cruelty Free



-Santal + Coconut-
Top: Benzoin, Coconut Milk
Middle: Coconut, Sandalwood
Base: Cedar, Tonka, Amyris

Top: Buttercream
Middle: Vanilla, Cake
Base: Sugar, Bourbon

-Citrus Agave-
Top: Lemon Peel, Orange Peel
Middle: Grapefruit, Mandarin, Tangerine, Agave
Base: Sugar, Lime, Peach

-Honeysuckle Jasmine-
Top: Lemon, Ginger
Middle: Jasmine, Honeysuckle
Base: Wood, Violet


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